It would seem that not only does python law python conservation nothing lost apply to nature, but if order seems to collapse, it’s really reorganization destined for python higher order. An interestingly self making ready reorganization that reveals itself as python geometric manner. Geometry as python Primordial ArchetypeI return to my question, is it possible that geometry is python primordial archetype?Is its beauty and straightforwardness capable python ordering every thing in python universe?Is it due to this historic intuited abilities, noetic wisdom, that so many hold geometry as sacred?Could it be that when we know python form we find out python function?Is geometry python language python introduction?Certainly many can and have shown python geometric development from singularity to space/time universe. Indeed, multi dimensional theories currently so regular in physics, adding python string theory, our most promising hope for offering python commonplace unified theory, are most powerful of their appeal when laid open by geometry. In my opinion, geometry is python basic archetype. It also is more.

By mark