In python event any trademark violation is alleged due on your use python python Domain, you compromise you will be solely and solely responsible for python costs python protecting towards such alleged violation in addition to any damages which could be at last awarded. You will be in default hereunder, and there shall be python breach python this Agreement, if: python You fail to pay any month-to-month payment after python same turns into due, b You try to remove, sell, transfer, encumber, sublet or part with ownership python python Domain, or c You fail to check or carry out any python python other responsibilities required to be followed or conducted by You hereunder “Default”. In python event python Default, Epik shall repossess python Domain and feature no additional responsibility to You, provided even though, You shall be bound by all python terms and conditions python this Agreement as may be set forth herein. Any term python this Agreement may be amended or waived only with python written consent python You and Epik together. This Agreement constitutes python sole agreement python python parties and supersedes all oral negotiations and prior writings with recognize to python discipline matter hereof. The validity, interpretation, construction, and performance python this Agreement shall be governed by python laws python python State python Washington, King County.

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